Things I Love Right Now

You can tell I’m on a posting binge right now.  I have so many fun discoveries to share!

I love finding people who sell cute and fun gifts online.  Here are a few fun things I’ve found lately (also how many times can I use the word “fun” in less than four sentences?):

Emily McDowell Studio: Super funny greeting cards, mugs, and other gifts.  Snarky yet empowering sense of humor.  In particular, she has several empathy cards for people undergoing cancer treatment that keep it “real,” as she herself is a cancer survivor.  I especially love the manifesto mug.

The Love Bomb Company: Empowering yet funny sayings emblazoned on tote bags, mugs, and mason jars.  I’m starting to see a pattern in the things I love to promote 🙂

CreativeLeighMe gifts: If you love The Office and/or Parks and Rec (or a number of other old cartoons/sitcoms from your childhood), you will want to keep an eye out for when @creativeleighme (Insta account) restocks her amazing Office/P&R lunch bags/totes/wristlets.  Not a joke – Jenna Fischer (Pam from the The Office) re-posted one of the creator’s Insta posts advertising The Office lunch bags, and she is now selling out of these products within minutes of restocking.  Um, I happened to be one of the lucky people who snagged an Office tote bag this past weekend. (Totally worth setting my phone alarm to the time of release.)

Anyhoo, I just love finding people who independently create such unique gifts that truly bring a smile to people’s faces.  Hope you enjoy checking them out!  Let me know if you stumble upon other fun artists!


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