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Ode to Spiralizing

Some of my friends and family have already heard me go on and on about my newest obsession: spiralizing food.  I know, I know, this trend caught on in full force several years ago, but as I mentioned before, I take a few decades to catch up.

Recently I purchased this spiralizer off of Amazon, simply because I saw a bunch of zucchini noodle recipes on Pinterest and thought, hey I could use some more veggies in my life!

Some may say I’ve gone overboard.  I would say I’ve just gone exactly board.


        For once, this is actually my own photo.  Graininess courtesy of my shaky hands holding my iPhone.

The above photo represents the results of my 30 minutes of spiralizing at 4:30am when I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. Normally I’d be annoyed, but I actually was somewhat excited to use my brand new toy!  On the left, you see noodles from 3 spiralized zucchinis (zoodles).  On the right, you see noodles from 4 spiralized sweet potatoes (swoodles).

Spiralizing just makes veggie prep super easy, and, as a result, makes it more likely that I’ll actually eat more of them.  There are a million cool things you can do with spiralized veggies – one of the best places for recipe ideas is the Inspiralized blog recipe database.  It. Is. Awesome.

As for me, I haven’t tried TOO many recipes yet, but my go-to preparation for swoodles is tossing a handful of them (maybe 1-2 sweet potato’s worth?) in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roasting them on a baking sheet in the oven at 350 degrees for 30-ish minutes.  (I’m definitely an “ish” person when it comes to baking…probably why I suck at baking.)  For zoodles, I basically eat them raw with a warm sauce (usually pasta sauce and possibly meatballs – my favorite recipe to pair zoodles with is this one!)  You can also prep zoodles in other ways, as described here on the Inspiralized blog!

In conclusion – spiralizers rock if you love kitchen toys and aspire to eat healthy sometimes occasionally.



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