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Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta

This recipe for creamy tomato and spinach pasta from Budget Bytes is SO good. And SO easy and SO quick. Aka great for a quick, low-cost, (relatively) healthy dinner!

I use gluten-free pasta and 1/3 less fat cream cheese, and it’s still super awesome.

Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta is a fast an easy answer to dinner -

Photo courtesy of Budget Bytes – a fantastic source of budget-friendly and delicious recipes!

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Flourless Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ridiculous (in the best way possible).

I made these flourless chocolate chocolate chip cookies tonight.

They did not disappoint.

In fact, they reminded me of those mall cookies – you know, the super-delicious ones that come with a thousand M&Ms inside?

Even if you don’t have to eat gluten-free, you will want to eat 40 of these cookies. Except not really, because they’re super chocolate-y and a little goes a long way.

They’re not the healthiest foods in the world, but if you’re going to make the effort to bake cookies, freaking bake some awesome cookies. You can have a healthy smoothie or something tomorrow. #balanceyo

I will say this – next time anyone has a birthday or I need to bring something for a party, I’m making these. That’s how good they are! Not exaggerating. The. best.

These flourless Chocolate Brownie Cookies are incredibly fudgy and super chocolatey - they're like a brownie in cookie form! These cookies are naturally gluten-free.

Photo (and bomb recipe) courtesy of




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A Weekend Setup for Eating Healthier During the Week

So this blog is rapidly becoming about food…

Which makes pretty good sense if you know me! 😉

Since I’m trying to eat (relatively) healthier food, I thought I’d outline my “weekend routine” with regard to food prep for the week. Again, I’m not claiming to be an expert of any kind – and I am definitely not perfect in following this routine – but I just want to share some tips that have made it easier for me to eat well during the busy week. Would love to hear any tips you have as well!

  1. Prep smoothies for the week – see my previous post about this. This one is huge, as each smoothie is packed with fruits and veggies, keeps me full, and gives me lots of energy without a big sugar crash. Great way to start the day. (Plus drinking one of these puppies makes me feel less guilty about a mid-afternoon chocolate break 😉 )
  2. Related to smoothie prep – buy a bunch of ripe bananas, unpeel them, split each banana into a few pieces, store in a freezable container, and place in the freezer. This will provide you with frozen bananas to use in smoothies. Blending banana chunks while frozen adds an almost ice-cream-like texture and sweetness to smoothies.
  3. Spiralize a ton of veggies at the beginning of the week (usually the same day as the smoothie prep – I like to just knock out everything in an hour or two on Sunday). I posted about the joys of spiralizing here – I am usually late to most trends in life, and this is no different, so you probably heard about this years ago!  But I’m beginning to integrate it into my daily routine and I love it.  It makes veggie prep sooo much easier. I typically spiralize a bunch of sweet potatoes and zucchini at the beginning of the week.  I’ll roast the sweet potato noodles (swoodles) several times during the week, as well as eat zucchini noodle (zoodle) dishes. It. rocks.
  4. For a sweet treat that still packs in nutrition – I will make a batch or two of chia seed pudding (see here).  A surprisingly tasty way to satisfy a sweet tooth, and if it still doesn’t do the trick, you know that you still got in a ton of nutrients and fiber, and it is likely to at least fill you up for a while.
  5. Hydration – remembering to drink tons of water at the beginning of the week can set you up for similar habits during the week, as well as boost your energy and quell your appetite for needless snacking.
  6. Freeze some coffee in an ice cube tray, if you like having a nice luxurious Frappuccino-like beverage during the week. Best of all, you can make it yourself (which means healthier and less expensive)!  See here for recipe base.

Just a few tips off the top of my head – would love to hear if you have any other healthy eating hacks!

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Smoothie Recipes That Rock

Since I’ve obviously got smoothies on the brain, I wanted to share some “Old Faithful” recipes that I make pretty regularly, which are delicious and great for the ol’ bod.

  1. Basic green smoothie: Frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, generous handful of spinach leaves, water.  That’s it.  Obviously you can sub in/add different fruits, or switch out the greens (although I can’t stand kale so I typically use spinach, as it is much more mild in taste).  But it’s a simple, tasty recipe that gets the job done.
  2. Tropical fruit smoothie: Frozen strawberries, frozen ripe bananas, almond milk, and a tiny bit (say, 1/8 tsp or less) of coconut extract (can also use vanilla). For an extra tropical feel, add in some chunks of frozen pineapple (oooh la la!).
  3. Peanut butter choco banana smoothie: Frozen ripe bananas, almond milk, 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and a teaspoon of cocoa powder.  You can omit the cocoa powder too, and it’s just as delicious.  OMG this is like a dessert, it’s so good.

Obviously you can blend pretty much anything, so this is just a teeny tiny list of delicious smoothies. But they are my go-to smoothies because they are so easy and have few (and relatively inexpensive) ingredients.

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Homemade Frappuccino

I just made a homemade Frappuccino and it wasn’t terrible! (Great intro, huh? 😉 )

Here’s what you need:
  • Frozen coffee (i.e., put coffee in an ice cube tray and freeze, so you’re left with coffee ice cubes)
  • Milk of choice (I used almond milk)
  • Sweetener of choice (I used coffee creamer, but I kinda wish I had used honey or maple syrup because I didn’t like the creamer taste so much)
  • I’m guessing you could try adding cocoa powder for a “mocha” taste, or peppermint flavor/extract for a minty taste, or vanilla extract for a vanilla taste, or coconut flakes for a coconut taste…you get the idea.
I eyeballed amounts of each. I used like 12 coffee ice cubes, about 2 cups of almond milk, and maybe a few teaspoons of creamer.  I should probably measure stuff more… 😉
Put all in a blender and DEMOLISH.
Makes about 3-ish cups.
Less sugary (and less expensive) than the store-bought version.
The recipe will need to be customized according to your tastes, but it’s just a base to get us thinking about ways to create healthier versions of treats!  Let me know if you try it out and how it tastes!
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Ode to Smoothies

DISCLAIMER: I try to eat as healthy as possible, but I don’t want to “preach” about eating healthy on this blog (especially since there are weeks when I haven’t made time to go grocery shopping, and instead subsist on chips and ice cream). However, I want to share some strategies that I have found to be helpful to eating healthy in my own life.

My goal is to maximize the amount of healthy food I put into my body, so that I feel as energetic as possible. Plus, I find that my mood tends to be better when I’m eating nutritious whole foods (except for those times when you just gotta have some chocolate, or else you’re gonna punch someone in the face).

So, a big one for me: SMOOTHIES. Lots of people do smoothies these days – fruit smoothies, green smoothies, smoothies with oats and nut butters and chia seeds and protein powder…basically, if it can be blended, people have found a way to put it in a smoothie.

Here’s what works for me, and something I practice pretty much weekly:

  1. To make things more convenient, I keep an array of frozen fruits in the freezer (usually strawberries, pineapple, and blueberries).  You can buy them in the freezer section at the grocery story (or better yet – save some money and buy them in bulk at Costco or some other wholesale club – since produce gets expensive!).
  2. Make a huge batch at once, and divide it among plastic travel mugs/cups (I use 24-ounce mason jars) so you can grab-and-go on busy mornings. It’s kind of a pain since I have a tiny blender, but if you have a larger one (or better yet – if you have one of those badass Vitamix blenders), you can make several smoothies at once. They’ll stay fresh in your refrigerator for about seven days, and it saves me SO much time in the mornings.  I’ll drink it on my way to work in the morning, and I can feel good that my breakfast is jam-packed with fruits and veggies.
  3. So that leads to the next question – what do I put in my smoothies?  It depends, but I don’t get super adventurous with this.  I’ve found a few flavor combos that I like, and I tend to stick to them (for me, just getting something healthy into my body is more important than making it “perfect” or “optimal”.)  If I’m making a huge batch at once to drink during the week, I’ll typically do frozen pineapple (or fresh, if it’s on sale at the grocery store), frozen strawberries, a generous handful of spinach leaves, and water. That’s it. And since my blender isn’t that powerful, I’ll let the mixture sit for a bit, to allow the frozen fruit to soften for easier blending.

Soooo that was a lot about smoothies!  Hope that was somewhat helpful – it’s definitely not rocket science, but I love hearing how other people integrate healthier eating into their lives in ways that are as convenient and economical as possible!  If you have more smoothie tips, please share!